Second Session Of The Eight Synod Of Diocese Of Ideato, Thursday April 29th - Sunday May 2nd, 2021 @ Cathedral Church Of St. Peter's Ndiawa

2021 Ideato Citywide Crusade With Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai At the Cathedral of St. Peter's Arondizuogu

The New Canons





It is with hearts full of joy and thanksgiving to God that we
welcome you to the ONE DAY SYNOD of our Diocese holding
at the Diocesan headquarters, Arondizuogu. It is by His
mercies that we are privileged to sit on the throne of this
See as the third Bishop of our great Diocese; to be your Chief
Servant, and be part of the great development of the new
ldeato. We do not take this honour to serve you for granted,
as we seek God's face on a daily basis to ascertain why He
has brought us in your midst.

We welcome the Houses of Clergy and laity, the officers of
our Diocese, revered traditional rulers, distinguished
political class, mission partners, and all eminent
personalities. Though a very busy period of the year, you
made such sacrifice to be here. God bless you all.

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May I on your behalf welcome to the synod, the President
of the Diocesan Mothers Union and women's Guild, my
dear wife and friend, Mrs. Julie Mgbechikwere Okeke,
whose love for her husband and the ministry has brought us thus far.
Thank you Ma!


On behalf of my family, may I appreciate the officers and
members of our Diocese for the warm reception we
received into Ideato Mission. We are grateful for all your
prayers, goodwill, gifts and various other supports at our
enthronement on the 29th of September 2020 and
subsequent practical assurance of your partnership in the
new assignment, most importantly, in making yourselves
available to us for service. We have had series of meetings
all in an attempt to discover the future of Umu ldeato, and
you have performed creditably well in attendance and
We thank you!

*Special Appreciation*
To the Primate of our Church, The Most Rev. Henry C.
Ndukuba and his wife, Mrs. Angela, for their fatherly love
and cares which spur us to do more for God and His Church.

We wish them more of God' s grace and wisdom as they lead
the largest Anglican Province in the world.

To the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, the Priests, the
Standing Committee and the entire members led by the
Administrator, Ven. Dr. Stanley C. Ukachukwu and his dear
wife, Kosarachi, for shouldering the 'troubles' of a Cathedral
Church. God is their strength!

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We are grateful to our predecessors, the Most Revd. Dr.
Caleb & Mrs. Onyinyechi Maduoma who steered the ship of our Diocese for sixteen years (7th August 2004-22nd
September 2020), having received the mantle from the
Pioneer Bishop, Rt. Rev. Godson & Mrs. Evelyn Echefu who
served from 7th July 1999 - 12th August 2004. We
witnessed a peaceful and smooth transition, and continue to pray that God's peace will reign throughout our tenure.

*Flash Points*
Since assumption of office on 29th September 2020, the
following make up the major flash points:
Visit to the pioneer Bishop, the Rt. Rev. G.C. Echefu,
with the Archdeacons on Thursday 15th October, 2020.

1. Visit to Bishop Echefu's family by the Prayer team, led
by Ven. Kelechi Chimara on Thursday 22nd October,

2. Visit to Bishop Echefu in the hospital at Owerri by the
Fellowship of ldeato Retired Clergy (FIRC), led by their Chaplain, Ven. Ben Opara on Thursday 12th
November, 2020.

3.Condolence visit to Bishop Echefu's family on 30th
Nov. 2020, on the home call of their husband, father
and our Pioneer Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Godson C.
Echefu. The Bishop's wife Mrs. Julie Okeke also led
the women on condolence visit on 8th December.

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4.Pastoral visit to Mary Elizabeth Sumner Convent
Akokwa (MESCA) on 11th Nov. 2020.
* 6KVA Generator donated for the hostel "Borehole
water project in progress.

*Inauguration of MESCA Chapel Worship on Sunday
29th November 2020.

*11 ceilings fans, Music Keyboard, PAS speaker
donated to the chapel.

*Rev. Godsent Nwosu* appointed as new MESCA

*Clergy wives Retreat at Diocesan Church Centre.
Tuesday 3rd- Friday 6th November 2020.

* Water connected to the rooms " premises electrified, more work in progress.

5. *IDWIC repositioning*
The women's water factory receives a lift, with the
Rev. Samuel Otti appointed as the Business Manager
(BM). A total rebranding on course.

6. *The Retired Clergy*

The retired Clergy of ldeato Diocese revive, with Ven.
Ben Opara appointed as their Chaplain. They are now
to be addressed as "The Fellowship of ldeato Retired
Clergy" (FIRC), with Ven. Ihechi Dike as the Chairman.

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Bank account has been opened for them at First bank. Account number 2036244243. Please put smiles on their faces.

*Serving Clergy and Church Teachers*

The Bishop and wife had a session with the Clergy &
wives, two Clergy School Sessions with the Clergy,
and a session with the Church teachers.

*Ist December Night to Remember*

A vigil program on December 1 2020 that attracted
people within ldeato and beyond, including non-Anglicans.

*Clergy Children*

Our Clergy children receive adequate attention in
monitoring of career and welfare, with the Rev. Canon Ebenezer Igbanugo appointed as their Chaplain.

*One Preferment*

At the close of the 2020 Clergy School, the Rev. I.B.C
Ekpunobi, was preferred a Canon of our Cathedral.

XV. *VISION 2025*

May we express our gratitude to the members of the
Vision Committee for the pains taken in charting the
way forward for ldeato Diocese for the next five years.

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The package will be presented officially to this honourable house at the plenary. Suffice it to say, for
now, that the owners of the Diocese have risen to
declare their position, and courageously flashed
their torch into the years 2021-2025. It is awesomel


With the burden in our heart to seek and to do the will of
God in this new assignment, we began to pray earnestly and
to listen to God for what He has packaged for His people in Ideato. He spoke expressly, and has continued to speak and give directions on some specific areas,namely:

*Mission and Discipleship*

*Finance and Investment*

*Women Ministry*

*Youth Ministry*

*Children's Ministry*

*Clergy Welfare*

*Theological Training*



*Community Development*

*Diocesan Projects*


Page 06

*Capacity Building*

*Diocesan Cathedral Music*





*Diocesan Lands*

*Social Welfare* (Christian Care)



The following steps were taken in line with the vision for the new ldeato:

1.  11th October 2020:

Vision Casting 1, with the Archdeacons and Canons/selection of vision committeee.

2. 12th October 2020:

Vision Casting ll, with the 92 members, House of Clergy/more on selection of
Vision Committee.

3. 31st October 2020: Vision Casting III, with the
Diocesan Board/ rectifying of Vision Committee members.

4. 2nd November 2020: Meeting with the Archdeacons
to constitute the Think-tank group for the Vision Committee.

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5. 14th November 2020: Think-Tank met for brainstorming on the vision as delivered by the Diocesan Bishop.

6. 26th November 2020: Think-Tank Secretaries met for collation.

7. 28th November 2020:  Inauguration of vision committee and group deliberations.

8.  4th December 2020: Archdeacons and Vision Committee Secretaries met for final input.

9. 8th-9th December 2020: Proof-reading and editing by the Central Administration of the Bishop's office.

10. 12th December 2020: ONE DAY SYNOD/ Presentation of ldeato Diocesan
(10.00am) Vision 2025 for approval and adoption.

12th December 2020: Diocesan Harvest/Launching of Vision 2025. (12.00pm).

12. 13th December 2020: Implementation window.
13th December 2025:


A total number of 251 members classified into 23 departments worked on the vision to produce the road map we have in this document. Those who were not physically
present contributed from Diaspora. It is interesting to note

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that at the end of the painstaking exercise, it became *Our Vision* (Ohazurume). No landmark in the history of our
Diocese could be greater than this. It gives the hope of the
desired participation in the actual implementation of the
vision. Ideato people have risen to chat their way forward
and nothing can stop them. To God be the glory!


The Vision Committee and the Diocesan Synod have so
resolved that a major drive of this vision to be able to hit our
target by the year 2025 shall be the instrument of
ENDOWMENT, which shall be, *the voluntary free will seed fund* invested into the life of the vision within five
years (2021-2025). The amount so prayerful decided is
N1,000, 000,000.00 *(One billion naira only)*.

We, unreservedly pay our due allegiance to the pioneer
Bishop of Ideato, Rt. Rev. Godson Chineyere Echefu of the blessed memory, who from inception provided a guide for
the baby that was born on 12" July 1999, to regain a 78yr old
lost mandate. At his retirement, the Lord sent the *Rt. Rev.Dr. Caleb Anaezionwuonyeogaegbu Maduoma* with the
mandate of consolidation, who within 16 years, built
fervently on the foundation of the pioneer Bishop.

Our duty as successor is to continue to build on the
foundation and the consolidation made by our predecessors, to take the Church of God to the next level as it struggles to establish prime relevance in our contemporary times.

Page 09

It is based on this that we present to the people of God in ldeato Diocese, the  *Vision 2025*.

We appreciate in no small measure the Chairman of the
Vision Committee, Sir Arc. Chidi Okoli for his passion
towards a new ldeato, and the different departments of the
vision committee for a job well done. Kudos to our Archdeacons and Canons for their eagle eye on this task,
coupled with their mobilization strategies to ensure success.

Finally, we sincerely thank our team of dedicated
secretaries, and our domestic staff ably coordinated by the
Synod Secretary Ven. Dr. Stanley C. Ukachukwu, for their
toils in the birth of this document.

Jesus said, "Walk while you have the light,lest darkness
overtake you, he who walks in darkness does not know where he is going" (John12:35).

Indeed we are products of
His mercy, privileged to encounter the power of vision. With
this clear road map, we can never shoot aimlessly; we can never walk in darkness; we can never again lack direction to greatness.

Ideato sons and daughters, here comes the way forward, as I call for your joyful participation in actualizing the ldeato of our dream.

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xvi. *Diocesan Notice Board*

*Methuselah Conference*: a conference of our most
cherished Diocesan Senior Citizens (70yrs & above) coming up on Sunday 13th December, 2020, at St.
John's Church, Osina by 1.00pm.

Doctors and Nurses will be present for check-ups.
Chief Ebere Uzozie (Ebeco) donated # 1m, along with
other members of our Diocese.

xvii. *Workers & Wives Get together*
22nd December 2020 at the Cathedral, 12.00pm.
We will appreciate your support.

xvii. *Clergy Children's Conference*

24th December 2020 at Philemon Obiagwu's Hall,
Cathedral 12.00pm.
We will appreciate your support.

*Ideato Diocese hosts Governor Hope Uzodimma* at
the thanksgiving of Hon. Lady Kate Osigwe.
Sunday 27th December 2020 at St. Paul's Church
Urualla, 10.00am.

xx. *Night of Victory*
31st December 2020, 10.00pm, at the Cathedral.

Xxi. *Diocesan Solemn Assembly*
Wednesday 6th January 2021.
St. Luke's Church, Umueshi.

Xxii. *ldeato Prayer Summit*
27th-29th January 2021 at Christ Church Ntueke, St.
John's Osina and St. Peter's Akokwa.

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xxiii. *Ideato Kingdom Enthronement*
19th-21st Feb. 2021
City wide Crusade with Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai, at St.
Peter's field Ndiawa, Arondizuogu.

Xxiv. *Diocesan Synod*
29th April-2nd May 2021
Venue: Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Arondizuogu.

To all our members at home and in Diaspora who were
blessed in various ways in the unique year 2020. We rejoice
with them and pray that their blessing be permanent.


To the family of Late Rt. Rev. Godson Chinyere Echefu,
the retired Bishop of ldeato Diocese which death occurred on 27th November 2020.

To the family of Late Rev. Canon Godwin Okpara, the
Parish Priest of Ntueke Parish which death occurred
on 26th ctober 2020.

To the families of all our members at home and in Diaspora who were bereaved.

*Special Submission on Clergy Widows*
Times change and humans adjust with the change. The rate
at which the families of ministers of the gospel come under
heavy attacks deserves the attention of the Church
leadership in matter of creative decision.

Page 12

Sometimes a Clergy in active service passes on, leaving a
young widow and children at the mercy of uncertainties. A
close assessment of the ones around us in the Diocese has
prompted this submission to this honourable Synod:

That the widow of a Clergy whose husband died in
active service receives 50% of his husbands salary until his due date of retirement.

*The Theme of Our Synod*:

*Behold I Wll Do A New Thing*  *(Isa. 43:19)*.

A journey through the book of Isaiah is an interesting one.
Wilmington observes that "the book of Isaiah may be
compared to the Bible itself. The bible has sixty-six books;
Isaiah has sixty-six chapters. The Old Testament has thirty-
nine books; the first section of Isaiah has thirty-nine chapters. The New Testament has twenty-seven books; the
last section of lsaiah has twenty-seven chapters. The Old
Testament covers the history and sin of Israel as does Isaiah
1-39. The New Testament describes the person and ministry
of Christ as does Isaiah 40-66. The
New Testament begins with the ministry of John the Baptist; the second section of Isaiah, chapter 40 precisely begins by predicting this ministry. The New Testament ends by referring to the new
heavens and the new earth; Isaiah ends his book by describing the same things ( lsa.66:22 with Rev. 21:1-3)".

Isaiah teaches about God whose judgement exists on the
platform of unconditional love. He deals with His people in Judgement, yet He loves them.

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Chapter 43, in the second section of the book of Isaiah
forms part of the prophet's prediction on the Babylonian
captivity. He has warned severally that it was going to be a devastating experience, but in between the prophecy, came
an appetizing message "God was going to do a new thing
making a highway in the wilderness and a river in the
desert" (43:19).

God gives more precise details of the event He will bring to
pass-the fall of Babylon (43:14). Despite the Babylonians'
pride in their fleet of ships, which no doubt brought them
great wealth and power, the richest and the most powerful
nation of that era would be brought low by God. He again
reminded that that would not be the first time He had
humiliated a nation for the sake of His people.

He did the same when He drowned the powerful forces of
the Egyptian army in the Red sea during the first Exodus
(43:15-17;43:2-3; Exo. 14:21-31).

But they must not focus on what He did in the past (43:18),
instead they needed to look up to see that God was, and is
the God of new things, preparing the road for a new exodus.
In the past He had made a way through the sea (43:16), but
now He is making a well-watered way in the desert (43:20).
The God of new things!

1. Abraham and Sarah (Gen. 12)
God's promise was to make a great nation out of Sarah,
an old woman. Abraham tried his own way to actualize
this but Ishmael was not "the promise". Instead a ninety
year old woman gave birth to the son of promise, Isaac;

Page 14

because He is the God of new things, who will always
have control over reproductive systems

2. Dividing the Red Sea
In Exodus 14:15, God instructed Moses to tell the people
of Israel to "Push forward" It sounded foolish in the eyes
of man seeing the Red sea ahead. But when finally they
obeyed and moved forward, the controller of the sea
parted the waters for His people against their enemies,
because He is the God of new things.

3. Manna from Heaven

In Exodus 16, when God's people ona destiny journey
didn't have enough to eat, God sent Manna to feed
them, the type of delicacy they had never seen before.
Jesus did the same thing: He turned water into wine at
the peak of desperation (Jn. 2:1-11), and fed five
thousand with five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish
(Jn.6:1-14), because He is the God of new things.

4. The Fall of Jericho Walls

Jericho walls fell not by the bulldozers or explosives, but
by God's "strange rules" marching round the city walls
for seven days (Josh. 6). That could only happen because
the God of new things was involved.


God is set for new things, not only in the Diocese of ldeato,
but for the entire people of ldeato. He changes situations



and gives His people a new story. He did it for His people in
exile as prophesied by Isaiah and Jeremiah, and He still does
same today.
However, we must remember that the vehicle is the gospel.
Recall our maiden sermon on the day of enthronement on
29th September, 2020.

The CDU of the gospel clearly reveals that:
*  The gospel Converts
*  The gospel Develops
*  The gospel Unites

When we carry the correct gospel, that "only Jesus saves"
and submit to its transforming power, new things will
follow, in the spiritual and in the physical. The new Vision
2025 package has more on this subject.

I invite the good people of ldeato to the saving power of the
gospel of Jesus Christ, the one who has our destiny in His
hand, for He makes all things new.

By the grace of God, we shall return fully to this theme
during the 2 Session of the 8th Synod of our Diocese in
April 2021, with the theme, "1 AM DOING A NEW THING".

Thanks for listening patiently. God bless you.

Your Bishop & Friend,

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Lent Dates for 2021

Lent Dates for 2021

*ASH WEDNESDAY:* February 17, 2021

*PASSION SUNDAY:* March 21, 2021

*PALM SUNDAY:* March 28, 2021

*HOLY MONDAY:* March 29, 2021

*HOLY TUESDAY:* March 30, 2021

*HOLY WEDNESDAY:* March 31, 2021

*MAUNDY THURSDAY:* April 1, 2021

*GOOD FRIDAY:* April 2, 2021

*HOLY SATURDAY:* April 3, 2021

*EASTER SUNDAY:* April 4, 2021

*EASTER MONDAY:* April 5, 2021

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